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Are you accepting new clients?

As of 2021, Entitled Cat Boston is not accepting new cat clients in order to best serve our current cat clients. We hope to reopen our new client list in the future, stay tuned!

Will you come to my neighborhood?

Our service area is within the downtown Boston area, near the following MBTA stops (please email us at if you fall between areas):

Red line: Charles MGH, Park Street, Downtown Crossing, South Station, Broadway
Orange line: Haymarket, State Street, Downtown Crossing, Chinatown, Tufts Medical Center, Back Bay

Green Line: Copley, Arlington, Boylston, Park Street, Government Center, Haymarket

Blue line: Bowdoin, Government Center, State Street

Will you walk my dog?

No. Cats are our only masters. Furthermore, cats have very acute sniffers, and some cats don’t like people who smell like dogs.

What if I have a cat and a dog?

Then another pet care service might be better for you. Cats only!

What if I have multiple cats?​

The more the better! Meow! There is no additional charge for additional cats.

Will you feed my fish?​

Yes, we’ll feed fish (and water plants).

Are Entitled Cat Boston carers bonded and insured?​

Yes. We take responsibility for your tiny friends as well as our visits to your home.

Will my cat be seeing the same carer?

Yes. Scheduling permitting, your cat’s visits will be provided by the same carer. And if your regular carer is out of town or otherwise indisposed, any other carer will be able to jump right in, due to the extensive information (with photos of your food and litter setup) on our smartphones.

What is the best way to reach you?

Email at or call 617-203-2043.


How will you get into my house?

During the Meet and Greet, you'll give us copies of your keys. We store keys in a secure location and in a filing system where keys are identified only by codes. Next time you need us, there's no awkward meetup to get keys or return them – we've got you covered.

What do you charge for cat visits?

Our services are generally the same price (or less!) as a salon blowout. Please click here for details. There is no additional charge for multiple cats, medicine administration, fish feeding, houseplant watering, or mail pickup.


Additional charges for more extensive medical care apply. Please call in advance to discuss your cat's medical needs.


Do you do overnights?

Overnights are, at minimum, triple the cat care visit rate, and depend on the availability of cat carer.

Do you do cat boarding?

Unfortunately we do not have the facilities to do boarding.

Does the 10-pack of visits ever expire? Do the visits have to be used on consecutive days?

The visits never expire, and can be used at any time. For instance, you could buy a 10-pack and use us only on Thanksgiving and Christmas for the next five years. Or, if you go away Monday-Sunday but only want 3 visits, you could schedule us for Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, for example.

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