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Entitled Cat Boston service begins with a Meet & Greet. We'll call you to schedule, and your carer will come over to meet you and your cat or cats. She'll take notes and photograph your food, water, and litter setups with her smartphone, so your catsitting needs and preferences are stored with us for good. (We also need to know whether you would enjoy receiving an email with a dozen photos of your cat playing with a laser pointer, or whether you're on a need-to-know basis. No judgements!)

Please note that we currently have a nearly-full roster of cat clients at this time--new clients will be assessed on a case-by-case basis, see our FAQ for details.

What happens at an actual visit?

  • Food and water replenished.

  • Playtime! Our carers come equipped with toys and games.

  • Petting, naturally (purring guaranteed).

  • Shy cat? We'll sit quietly and patiently until kitty comes out to sniff us.

  • Litterbox scooped, washed out and refilled if more than 2 visits.

  • Odors neutralized (only all-natural, pet-safe products).

  • Brushing, if needed.

  • Natural dry cat shampoo leaves your cat's coat shiny and significantly reduces shedding!

  • Photos of visit taken via smartphone and sent to you, if desired.

  • Cat hair cleaned off your furniture.

  • Medicine administered (if needed).

  • Fish fed (if needed).

  • Plants watered (if applicable).

  • Mail pickup (if needed).


Away for more than 3 days? We’ll set up a kitty tunnel (the kind of cat toy your cat loves but you probably wouldn't want to have to look at every day) and take it back down before you return.


​You can schedule us for any days you want, including non-consecutive days (if you're gone for 5 days, 2 or 3 visits might be enough). There is no additional charge for multiple cats, medicine administration (in food only--additional charges for more extensive medical care apply), nail-clipping, fish feeding, houseplant watering, or mail pickup.

We're really nice. Book a visit today here.

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